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My culinary life list

A bucket list, a life list, call it what you will. I’ve been inspired by Maggie at Mighty Girl to finally start one and get working on some of the things on them.

Because in my experience, if you want good things to happen in your life, you have to make them.

This list is a collection of things I want to make, skills I’d like to master and food experiences I want to have, some of which involves travel.

It also includes things that involve lifestyle choices; for example, I want to be able to grow asparagus. If you’re a gardener, you probably know that asparagus takes several years to become established before it can be harvested. Which means you need a chunk of land and a commitment to stay on it for a while.

By the same token, I also want to build a clay oven – again with the land and the commitment. Getting myself a chunk of land is a lifetime goal, and the way my life has gone so far, I’m feeling confident that if I play my cards right I can make that happen. But this list is a way of keeping myself accountable.

This list also includes some experiences I’ve already had. Is that cheating? Maybe, but I’m including them because they’re notable, great memories, things that I’m either proud to have done or experiences that I cherish.

This list is a changing organism. Here it is in its current form, but I’m going to give it its own page so that I can keep coming back to it, to add more things and, I hope, cross some things off.

My culinary life list

 A Big Night style timpano | Build a clay oven| Grow asparagus | Taste caviar | Eat arctic char in the Arctic |  Tapas in Spain | Make cheese from scratch | Smoke fish | Corn beef | Make ravioli from scratch | Bake textbook-correct baguette | Paella | Chiles rellenos | Cassoulet | Flourless chocolate cake | A kid’s birthday cake shaped like something – like a bumble bee or a train | Real Moroccan tagine | Deep-fry a turkey | Banana cream pie from scratch | Master the southern fried chicken | Make a wedding cake | Proper High Tea | Keep a chicken | Mission burritos | Pizza at Lombardi’s | Harvest honey | Ceviche in Mexico | Re-create the pina colada I had in Cuba |


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