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Early Spring field notes

Spring, it seems, is my walking season. Since the weather has taken a turn for the bright and sunny, most days I plunk Kiddo in the stroller and spend a good chunk of the day outside. Sure, it may not be warm yet, but it isn’t cold. Trees aren’t quite budding yet, but they will soon.

All of this to say that my time in the kitchen lately has been more transactional, less meandering. So in lieu of a fuller post, here’s a quick roundup of what I’ve been cooking.

1. Leeks vinaigrette, courtesy of Orangette. It’s my new favourite thing to do with leeks; tender and green and reminiscent of marinated artichoke hearts. I suspect that leeks will become as much of a grocery list staple as apples and carrots, which at our house we go through at a prodigious rate.

2. Mark Bittman’s pan-cooked vegetables with crunchy fish. While technically this is Springtime, it takes a while for the new fresh stuff to make it onto our plates so we still have to make do with winter veg. But grating a variety of sweet root veg and giving it a quick saute, with some very light seasoning, seems a light and refreshing thing to do with yet more parsnips and sweet potatoes.

3. This morning’s breakfast was a Springtime-y omelette with parsley, green onion, asparagus and feta. Made with eggs from our neighbour’s family farm.

Happy Spring.


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